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Ham To Roast

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Tie or sew up the ham in a coarse cloth, put it into a sack, and bury it

three or four feet under ground, for three or four days before you dress

it. Wash it in warm water, pare it, and scrape the rind. Spit and lay it

down to roast. Into a broad stewpan put a pint of white wine, a quart of

good broth, half a pint of the best vinegar, two large onions sliced, a

blade of mace, six cloves, some pepper, four bay-leaves, some sweet

basil, and a sprig of thyme. Let all these have a boil; and set the

liquor under the ham, and baste very frequently with it. When the ham is

roasted, take up the pan; skim all the fat off; pour the liquor through

a fine sieve; then take off the rind of the ham, and beat up the liquor

with a bit of butter; put this sauce under, and serve it.

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