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Hartshorn Flummery No 3

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take one pound of hartshorn shavings, and put to it three quarts of

water; boil it till it is half consumed; then strain and press out the

hartshorn, and set it by to cool. Blanch four ounces of almonds in cold

water, and beat them very fine with a little rose and orange-flower

water. Make the jelly as warm as new milk, and sweeten it to your taste

with the best sugar; put it by degrees to the almonds, and stir it very

well until they are thoroughly mixed. Then wring it through a cloth, put

it into cups, and set it by to jelly. Before you turn them out, dip the

outside in a little warm water to loosen them; stick them with blanched

almonds, cut in thin long pieces. Three ounces of sweet almonds, and one

of apricot or peach kernels, make ratafia flummery. If you have none of

the latter, use bitter almonds.

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