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Hung Beef No 1

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take a round, ribs, rump, or sirloin; let it lie in common salt for a

month, and well cover it with the brine. Rub a little saltpetre over it

two or three days before it is hung up; observing, before it is put up

to dry, to strew it over with bran or oatmeal, to keep it from the dust;

or, which will answer the same purpose, wrap it up in strong coarse

paper. It is not to be smoked; only hang it up in the kitchen, and not

too near the fire. The time of hanging to dry must be regulated by the

quantity of air in which it is suspended, or left to the discretion of

the person who has the care of it. The time which it must lie in water

before dressing depends upon the driness of the meat. Half boil it in

simmering water, and afterwards roast. It must not be cut till cold.

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