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Miscellaneous Directions Respecting Meat

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

A leg of veal, the fillet without bone, the knuckle for steaks, and a

pie; bone of fillet and knuckle for soup.--Shoulder of veal, knuckle cut

off for soup.--Breast of veal, thin end stews, or re-heats as a

stew.--Half a calf's head boils, then hashes, with gravy from the

bones.--For mock turtle soup, neats' feet instead of calf's head, that

is, two calves' feet and two neats' feet.--Giblets of all poultry make

gravy.--Ox-cheek, for soup and kitchen.--Rump of beef cut in two, thin

part roasted, thick boiled: or steaks and one joint, the bone for

soup.--The trimmings of many joints will make gravy.--To boil the meat

white, well flour the joint and the cloth it is boiled in, not letting

any thing be boiled with it, and frequently skimming the grease.--Lamb

chops fried dry and thin make a neat dish, with French beans in cream

round them. A piece of veal larded in white celery sauce, to answer the

chops.--Dressed meat, chopped fine, with a little forcemeat, and made

into balls about the size of an egg, browned and fried dry, and sent up

without any sauce.--Sweetbreads larded in white celery sauce.--To remove

taint in meat, put the joint into a pot with water, and, when it begins

to boil, throw in a few red clear cinders, let them boil together for

two or three minutes, then take out the meat, and wipe it dry.--To keep

hams, when they are cured for hanging up, tie them in brown paper bags

tight round the hocks to exclude the flies, which omission occasions

maggots.--Ginger, where spice is required, is very good in most things.

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