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(Canned Fruits) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

The large juicy pineapple is the best for this purpose. Have your scales
at hand, also a sharp-pointed knife and an apple-corer, a slaw-cutter
and a large, deep porcelain dish to receive the sliced pineapple. Pare,
do this carefully, dig out all the eyes as you go along. Lay the pared
pineapple on a porcelain platter and stick your apple-corer right
through the centre of the apple, first at one end and then at the other;
if it acts stubbornly put a towel around the handle of the corer and
twist it, the whole core will come out at once. Now screw the
slaw-cutter to the desired thickness you wish to have your pineapple
sliced. Slice into receiving dish, weigh one pound of fine granulated
sugar and sprinkle it all over the apple, and so on until all are pared
and sliced, allowing one pound of sugar to each very large pineapple.
Cover the dish until next day and then strain all the juice off the
apples and boil in a porcelain or bell metal kettle, skimming it well;
throw in the sliced pineapples, boil about five minutes and can. Fill
the cans to overflowing and seal immediately, not losing a moment's
time. As the cans grow cold screw tighter and examine daily, for three
or four days, and screw tighter if possible.

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