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Pith Pudding

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take the pith of an ox; wipe the blood clean from it; let it lie in

water two days, changing the water very often. Dry it in a cloth, and

scrape it with a knife to separate the strings from it. Then put it into

a basin; beat it with two or three spoonfuls of rose-water till it is

very fine, and strain it through a fine strainer. Boil a quart of thick

cream with a nutmeg, a blade of mace, and a little cinnamon. Beat half a

pound of almonds very fine with rose-water; put them in the cream and

strain it: beat them again, and again strain till you have extracted all

their goodness; then put to them twelve eggs, with four whites. Mix all

these together with the pith; add five or six spoonfuls of sack, half a

pound of sugar, citron cut small, and the marrow of six bones; and then

fill them. Half an hour will boil them.

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