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Raspberries To Preserve

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take the juice of red and white raspberries; if you have no white

raspberries, put half codling jelly; put a pint and a half of juice to

two pounds of sugar; let it boil, and skim it. Then put in three

quarters of a pound of large red raspberries; boil them very fast till

they jelly and are very clear; do not take them off the fire, that would

make them hard, and a quarter of an hour will do them. After they begin

to boil fast, put the raspberries in pots or glasses; then strain the

jelly from the seeds, and put it to them. When they begin to cool, stir

them, that they may not lie at the top of the glasses; and, when cold,

lay upon them papers wetted with brandy and dried with a cloth.

Other Recipes

Raspberries To Preserve In Currant Jelly

Strip the currants from the stalks; weigh one pound of sugar to one

pound of fruit, and to every eight pounds of currants put one pound of

raspberries, for which you are not to allow any sugar. Wet the sugar,

and let it boil till it is almost sugar again; then throw in the fruit,

and, with a very smart fire, let it boil up all over. Take it off, and

strain it through a lawn sieve. You must not let it boil too much, for

fear of the currants breaking, and the seeds coming through into the

jelly. When it boils up in the middle, and the syrup diffuses itself

generally, it is sufficiently done; then take it off instantly. This

makes a very elegant, clear currant jelly, and may be kept and used as

such. Take some whole fine large raspberries; stalk them; put some of

the jelly, made as above directed, in your preserving-pan; sprinkle in

the raspberries, not too many at a time, for fear of bruising them.

About ten minutes will do them. Take them off, and put them in pots or

glasses. If you choose to do more, you must put in the pan a fresh

supply of jelly. Let the jelly nearly boil up before you put in the


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