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Raspberry Jam No 1 Very Good

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take to each pound of raspberries half a pint of juice of red and white

currants, an equal quantity of each, in the whole half a pint, and a

pound of double-refined sugar. Stew or bake the currants in a pot, to

get out the juice. Let the sugar be finely beaten; then take half the

raspberries and squeeze through a coarse cloth, to keep back the seeds;

bruise the rest with the back of a wooden spoon; the half that is

bruised must be of the best raspberries. Mix the raspberries, juice, and

sugar, together: set it over a good fire, and let it boil as fast as

possible, till you see it will jelly, which you may try in a spoon.

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