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(German) - (Pennsylvania Germans)

One-half pound or about twenty-four small mushrooms were peeled,
washed carefully in cold water, placed in a small stew-pan containing
two generous tablespoonfuls of butter, covered closely and allowed to
simmer or steam for twenty minutes in butter and liquid, drawn from
the mushrooms by steaming, then uncover and allow liquid in sauce-pan
and mushrooms to cook about ten minutes longer, then sprinkle two
teaspoonfuls of flour over the mushrooms, brown a minute, stir into
this 1/2 cup of milk, or enough to make a sauce the consistency of
cream, season well with salt and pepper to taste. Have ready prepared
six crisply toasted and buttered slices of stale bread. Place four
mushrooms and a couple of tablespoonfuls of the mushroom sauce on each
slice of bread and serve hot. The combination of toast and mushrooms
results in a particularly fine flavor.

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