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(Vegetables) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Pare and quarter, and put on to boil. When almost done drain off the
water, add one cup of milk, one tablespoon of butter, a little chopped
parsley and cook a while longer. Thicken with a little flour (wet with
cold water or milk), stir, and take from the fire.

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Take small potatoes, pare and wash them very clean, use one onion to
about ten potatoes, add goose-oil (in fact any kind of drippings from
roast meat will answer) and put them in a pot or spider. When hot cut up
an onion very fine and add to the boiling fat. Then add the potatoes.
Salt and pepper to taste. Pour some water over all, cover up tight and
let them simmer for about 3/4 of an hour.

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Put a tablespoon of drippings in a kettle, and when it is hot cut up an
onion fine and fry in the hot fat, cover closely. Put in potatoes, which
have been previously pared, washed, quartered and well salted. Cover
them tight and stew slowly until soft, stirring them occasionally. Then
heat in a spider a little drippings. Brown in this a spoon of flour and
add some soup-stock, vinegar and chopped parsley. Pour this over the
potatoes, boil up once and serve.

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