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Frau Schmidt thought bread more easily digested and wholesome if
ingredients of a loaf be stirred together instead of kneaded. This is
the method she taught Mary. She poured into a bowl 3 cups of
luke-warm water, added 1 cake of Fleischman's yeast, dissolved in a
little of the water; sifted in gradually about 8-1/2 cups of flour,
added 1 tablespoonful of sugar, 1/2 teaspoonful of salt, mixed all
well together with a spoon until a stiff dough was formed, which she
molded into two shapely loaves, handling as little as possible; placed
in bread pans, allowed to stand several hours to raise, and when light
baked. Mary said, "This bread may be more wholesome than old-fashioned
bread, which has been kneaded, but I prefer Aunt Sarah's bread,
well-kneaded, fine-grained and sweet," but, she continued, "I will
make an exception in favor of Aunt Sarah's 'Stirred Oatmeal' bread,
which, I think, fine."

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