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(Mehlspeise (flour Foods)) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Wash the lung and heart thoroughly in salt water, and put on to boil in
cold water, adding salt, one onion, a few bay leaves and cook until very
tender. Make the dough precisely the same as any other strudel. Take the
boiled lung and heart, chop them as fine as possible and stew in a
saucepan with some fat, adding chopped parsley, a little salt, pepper
and mace, or nutmeg, the grated peel of half a lemon and a little wine.
Add the beaten yolks of two eggs to thicken, and remove from the fire to
cool. Roll out the dough as thin as possible, fill in the mixture and
lay the strudel in a well-greased pan; put flakes of fat on top and
baste often. Eat hot.

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