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(Vegetables) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

This vegetable is a variety of beet in which the leaf stalk and midrib
have been developed instead of the root. It is cultivated like spinach,
and the green, tender leaves are prepared exactly like this vegetable.
The midribs of the full-grown leaves may be cooked like celery.

Other Recipes

Sorrel And Swiss Chard

Sorrel and Swiss chard are often used together as the chard modifies the

acidity of the sorrel. They make acceptable greens when used together

and are treated like spinach.

Other Recipes

Swiss Chard Or Silver Leaf Beet

The leaves of Swiss Chard are boiled and used like spinach. The stalks

and midrib are very broad and tender and when young are used like

asparagus. The leaves of sorrel and spinach are often used together as

greens. (See Asparagus and Spinach receipts).

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