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Never waste stale bread, as it may be used to advantage in many ways.
The young housewife will be surprised at the many good, wholesome and
appetizing dishes which may be made from stale bread, with the
addition of eggs and milk.
Take a half dozen slices of stale bread of equal size and place in a
hot oven a few minutes to become crisped on the outside so they may be
quickly toasted over a hot fire, a delicate brown. Butter them and for
breakfast serve with a poached egg on each slice.
A plate of hot, crisp, nicely-browned and buttered toast is always a
welcome addition to the breakfast table.
Serve creamed asparagus tips on slices of toast for luncheon.
The economical housewife carefully inspects the contents of her bread
box and refrigerator every morning before planning her meals for the
day, and is particular to use scraps of bread and left-over meat and
vegetables as quickly as possible. Especially is this necessary in hot
weather. Never use any food unless perfectly sweet and fresh. If
otherwise, it is unfit for use.
Loaves of bread which have become stale can be freshened if wrapped in
a damp cloth for a few minutes, then remove and place in a hot oven
until heated through.
For a change, toast slices of stale bread quite crisp and serve a
plate of hot, plain toast at table, to be eaten broken in small pieces
in individual bowls of cold milk. Still another way is to put the
stiffly-beaten white of an egg on the centre of a hot, buttered slice
of toast, carefully drop the yolk in the centre of the beaten white
and place in hot oven a few minutes to cook. Serve with a bit of
butter on top, season with pepper and salt. Serve at once.
Another way to use stale bread is to toast slices of bread, spread
with butter, pour over 1 cup of hot milk, in which has been beaten 1
egg and a pinch of salt. Serve in a deep dish. Or a cup of hot milk
may be poured over crisply-toasted slices of buttered bread, without
the addition of an egg.

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