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Trifle No 1

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take as many macaroons as the bottom of your dish will hold; peel off

the wafers, and dip the cakes in Madeira or mountain wine. Make a very

thick custard, with pounded apricot or peach kernels boiled in it; but

if you have none, you may put some bitter almonds; pour the custard hot

upon the maccaroons. When the custard is cold, or just before the trifle

is sent to table, lay on it as much whipped syllabub as the dish can

hold. The syllabub must be done with very good cream and wine, and put

on a sieve to drain before you lay it on the custard. If you like it,

put here and there on the whipped cream bunches of preserved barberries,

or pieces of raspberry jam.

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