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Tripe To Dress

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take of the finest tripe, and, when properly trimmed, cut it in pieces

about four inches square; put it in a stewpan, with as much white wine

as will almost cover it: slice in three or four race of ginger, quarter

in a nutmeg, put in a good deal of salt, a bundle of herbs, rosemary,

thyme, sweet marjoram, and onion. When this has stewed gently a good

while, take out a pint of the clearest liquor, free from fat or dross,

and dissolve in it some anchovies finely picked. Take up the tripe, a

bit at a time, with a fork, and lay it in a warmed dish; pour on it the

liquor in which the anchovies were dissolved. Sprinkle on it a little

lemon juice. Those who are fond of onions or garlic may make either the

prevailing ingredient.

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