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Westphalia Ham To Cure No 4

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

For two hams the following proportions may be observed: wash your hams

all over with vinegar, and hang them up for two or three days. Take one

pound and a half of the brownest sugar, two ounces of saltpetre, two

ounces of bay salt, and a quart of common salt; mix them together; heat

them before the fire as hot as you can bear your hand in, and rub it

well into the hams before the fire, till they are very tender. Lay them

in a tub made long for that purpose, or a butcher's tray, that will hold

them both, one laid one way and the other the contrary way, and strew

the remainder of the ingredients over them. When the salt begins to

melt, add a pint of vinegar, and let them lie three weeks, washing them

with the liquor and turning them every day. Dry them in saw-dust smoke;

hang them in a cellar; and if they mould it will do them no harm, as

these hams require damp and not extreme driness. Juniper-berries thrown

into the fire at which they are smoked greatly improve their flavour.

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