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Westphalia Ham To Cure No 6

(Meats And Vegetables.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Make a good brine of salt and water, sufficiently strong to bear an egg;

boil and skim it clean, and when quite cold rub the meat with sal

prunella and saltpetre mixed together. Put it in a vessel, and pour your

brine into it; and, when the ham has been in the brine about fourteen

days, take it out, drain it, and boil the brine, putting in a little

salt, and letting it boil till clear. Skim it, and when cold put in your

ham, rubbing it over with saltpetre, &c. as you did at first. Then let

your ham again lie in the brine for three weeks longer; afterwards rub

it well with bran, and have it dried by a wood fire.

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