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Whole Oranges To Preserve

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take six oranges, rasp them very thin, put them in water as you do them,

and let them lie all night. In the morning boil them till they are

tender, and then put them into clear water, and let them remain so two

or three days. Take the oranges, and cut a hole in the top, and pick out

the seeds, but not the meat; then take three pounds of fine sugar, and

make a thin syrup, and, when boiled and skimmed, put in your oranges,

and let them boil till they are clear. Take them out, and let them stand

three or four days; then boil them again till the syrup is rather thick.

Put half a pound of sugar and half a pint of apple jelly to every

orange, and let it boil until it jellies; put them into pots, and place

any substance to keep down the orange in the pot till it cools.

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