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(German) - (Pennsylvania Germans)

Buy about three pounds of beef, as for an ordinary pot roast. Place in
a large bowl. Boil vinegar (or, if vinegar is too sharp, add a little
water, a couple of whole cloves and a little allspice); this should
cover the piece of meat. Vinegar should be poured over it hot; let
stand a couple of days in a cool place uncovered; turn it over
occasionally. When wanted to cook, take from the vinegar and put in a
stew-pan containing a little hot fried-out suet or drippings in which
has been sliced 2 onions. Let cook, turn occasionally, and when a rich
brown, stir in a large tablespoonful of flour, add 1-1/2 cups of hot
water, cover and cook slowly for two or three hours, turning
frequently. Half an hour before serving add small pared potatoes, and
when they have cooked tender, serve meat, gravy and potatoes on a
large platter.
The writer knew an old gentleman who had moved to the city from a
"Bucks County farm" when a boy, who said that he'd walk five miles any
day for a dish of the above as his mother had prepared it in former
Mary was surprised at the amount of valuable information to be
obtained from the different _Farmers' Bulletins_ received at the farm,
on all subjects of interest to housewives, and particularly farmers'
wives. All books were to be had free for the asking.
The dishes Mary prepared from recipes in the _Farmers Bulletin_ on
"economical use of meat in the home," were especially liked at the
farm, particularly "Stewed Shin of Beef" and "Hungarian Goulash" (a
Hungarian dish which has come to be a favorite in the United States).

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