Apricots To Preserve In Jelly

To a pound of apricots, before they are stoned and pared, weigh a pound

and a quarter of the best pounded sugar. Stone and pare the fruit, and,

as you pare, sprinkle some sugar under and over them. When the sugar is

pretty well melted, set them on the fire and boil them. Keep out some

sugar to strew on them in the boiling, which assists to clear them. Skim

very clear, and turn the fruit with a ladle or a feather. When clear and

tender, put them in glasses; add to the syrup a quarter of a pint of

strong pippin liquor, and nearly the weight of it in sugar; let it boil

awhile, and put it to the apricots. The fire should be brisk, as the

sooner any sweetmeat is done the clearer and better it will be. Let the

liquor run through a jelly-bag, that it may clear before you put the

syrup to it, or the syrup of the apricots to boil.