Calves' Feet a la Marechale

Boil four calves' feet until tender. Cut into inch pieces and fry in
four ounces of butter, with two onions, a little garlic, two green
peppers and some mushrooms, chopped fine, seasoning all with salt,
pepper, cayenne, and a little mace. Stir in four ounces of flour and
add boiling milk, enough to make the mixture as thick as rich cream.
Put in the calves' feet and mix all well together. Then remove from
the fire and beat in the yolks of two eggs which have been mixed with
the juice of a lime and a tablespoonful of water. Pour the whole into
a buttered pan and set aside to cool. When cold cut into slices, brush
with egg and bread crumbs and fry in butter until a light brown.