Chops a la Reine

Trim twelve lamb chops very closely and fry lightly in six ounces of
butter. Remove them and in the same butter place two onions, sliced,
four green peppers minced, one can of mushrooms minced, and two stalks
of celery chopped; salt, pepper, cayenne, and the juice of a lime.
Cook until these ingredients are soft. Stir in six ounces of flour.
Then add two cups of milk and cook until the mixture is thick and
smooth. Dust a plate with cracker crumbs and on this place a spoonful
of the fried mixture. Place a chop on top of this, cover it with
another spoonful of the mixture and dust with cracker crumbs. Repeat
with each chop, and when cold roll each in beaten egg and cracker
crumbs, and fry a light brown.