Frogs a la Poulette

Joint the hind legs and backs of twelve frogs; put in a closely
covered saucepan with some truffles, a small can of mushrooms sliced,
a glass of white wine, salt, white pepper, cayenne, mace and four
ounces of butter. Stew gently fifteen minutes, stirring once or twice.
If then tender, add one teaspoonful cornstarch rubbed into one ounce
of butter. Let it cook two minutes, take from the fire and stir in the
yolks of six eggs beaten well with one-half cup of cream. Place this
mixture where it will keep hot without cooking. Cut the crust from a
loaf of bread, scoop out the center, brush with butter and brown in
the oven. Pour the frogs legs and sauce into the bread cup, garnish
with mushrooms and truffles.