Gooseberries To Preserve

Pick the white gooseberries, stamp and strain them; then take the

largest of them when they just begin to turn; stone them, and to half a

pound of gooseberries put a pound of the finest sugar, and beat it very

fine. Take half a pound of the juice which you have strained; let it

stand to settle clear; and set it, with six spoonfuls of water, on a

quick fire; boil it as fast as you can; when you see the sugar, as it

boils, look clear, they are enough; which will be in less than a quarter

of an hour. Put them in glasses or pots, and paper them close. Next day,

if they are not jellied hard enough, set them for a day or two in a hot

stove, or in some warm place, but not in the sun; and, when jellied, put

the papers close to them after being wetted and dried with a cloth.