Hashed Turnips Recipe

Hashed turnips are a classic dish that has been enjoyed for centuries. This humble yet delicious recipe has its origins in European cuisine, particularly in England and Scotland. It was popularized during a time when turnips were abundant and affordable, making it a staple dish among the working class.

Fun fact: Turnips have been cultivated for over 4,000 years and were one of the first vegetables to be grown in Europe. They were highly valued for their ability to grow in harsh climates and their versatility in cooking.

To make Hashed Turnips, start by draining the turnips and chopping them into rather large pieces. This will help create a chunkier texture and enhance the overall presentation of the dish.

Next, return the chopped turnips to a stew-pan and season them with one teaspoon of salt, one-fourth teaspoon of pepper, one tablespoon of butter, and four tablespoons of water. These seasonings will add depth and flavor to the turnips as they cook.

For a traditional method of preparing Hashed Turnips, cook them over a very hot fire until the turnips have absorbed all the seasonings. This will help infuse the flavors into the turnips and create a rich and well-seasoned dish. Remember to stir occasionally to prevent burning.

Alternatively, you can add one tablespoon of flour to the seasoned turnips. This will help thicken the dish and create a slightly different texture. After adding the flour, place the stew-pan over the hot fire and shake it frequently to toss up the turnips. This method will create a more evenly coated and creamy dish.

After the turnips have been cooking for about five minutes, you can add one-half pint of meat stock or milk to the stew-pan. This will further enhance the flavors and create a deliciously creamy sauce. If you choose to use meat stock, substitute the butter with drippings for a richer and more savory flavor.

Cook the hashed turnips for an additional ten minutes, allowing all the flavors to meld together and the turnips to become tender. Remember to adjust the cooking time depending on your desired level of tenderness.

Once the hashed turnips are cooked to perfection, serve them hot. The creamy and flavorful turnips can be enjoyed as a side dish or as a main course with the added addition of protein.

Similar dishes to Hashed Turnips include mashed turnips, roasted turnips, and turnip gratin. Mashed turnips are made by boiling or steaming the turnips until soft, then mashing them with butter, salt, and pepper. Roasted turnips are prepared by tossing the turnips in olive oil, salt, and herbs, then baking them until they are golden and caramelized. Turnip gratin involves layering thinly sliced turnips with cheese and cream, then baking them until bubbly and browned.

All these dishes highlight the versatility and deliciousness of turnips, showcasing their ability to be transformed into various mouthwatering creations. Whether you choose to make Hashed Turnips or explore other turnip recipes, you are sure to delight in their unique flavor and satisfying texture. Enjoy experimenting and discovering the many wonderful ways to enjoy this underrated vegetable!



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