Fillet De Sole À La Creole Recipe

Fillet some large flounders, and have fishman send you all the bones;
put the bones on to boil; wash, dry, and season the fillets; roll them
(putting in some bits of butter), and fasten each one with a wooden
toothpick. Strain the water from the bones; thicken with a little brown
flour and onion; add to this one-half can of tomatoes, a little cayenne
pepper, salt, and chopped green peppers. Let this sauce simmer for a
couple of hours (this need not be strained); put the fillets in a
casserole, and pour some of this sauce over them, and put in the oven
for about fifteen minutes. Then pour over the rest of the tomato sauce,
sprinkle a little chopped parsley and serve. One can add a few mushrooms
to the sauce. The mushrooms must be fried in butter before being added
to the sauce.



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