Lamb Chops a la Nesselrode

Trim carefully one dozen young lamb chops. Fry in butter three
tablespoonfuls of marrow, some chopped mushrooms and eschalots. Then
add a glass of sherry and stir it well before adding also a cup of
rice, four cups of stock, several sweet Chili peppers chopped and some
salt. Cook for half an hour or until pasty. Pour it out in a pan
to the thickness of half an inch and let cool. Then with a biscuit
cutter, cut it into rounds about the size of a chop. On each one of
these rounds place a chop and cover the top with Bechamel sauce. When
cold dip in egg and bread crumbs and fry a light brown.
A good recipe for the Bechamel sauce is the following: One ounce of
butter browned with one ounce of flour. To this add half a glass of
sherry, some finely chopped truffles, one cup and a half of stock,
salt and pepper, and cook for ten minutes. Add the juice of a lime,
take from the fire and stir in the well-beaten yolks of two eggs.