Lamb Cutlets Duchesse

Fry one dozen lamb chops in butter and set aside to cool. Put in a
stew pan two ounces of butter with half a can of mushrooms, one small
onion and a teaspoonful of parsley, all minced fine; salt, pepper,
cayenne and a little mace. Cook this gently for ten minutes and add a
cup of milk thickened with flour and butter, the juice of a lemon and
one teaspoonful of sugar. Cook a few minutes. Take from the fire and
add the yolks of four eggs well beaten. Cover the chops with this and
set aside to cool. Brush them with the well-beaten yolk of an egg,
sprinkle with fine bread crumbs, and fry in butter to a light brown.
Serve with green peas in the center of the dish.