6 Onions--1 1/2d.

2 oz. Butter or Beef Dripping

2 quarts of Water or Pot Liquor

Crusts of Bread

Salt and Pepper--2d.

Total Cost, with Butter--3 1/2 d.

Time--Two Hours.

Peel and slice up the onions and put them into a sauce--pan
with the butter or dripping, and brown them. Then let them cook,
covered over, for an hour. Break in some brown dry crusts of bread.
Pour over the boiling liquor the water in which some vegetables, such
as carrots, turnips, or cauliflowers, have been boiled, stir it well
and boil for an hour; rub through a sieve. If it is not thick enough,
let it boil again without the lid for ten minutes. Season well with
pepper and salt, and serve.