Liver Kloesse (dumplings) Recipe

Liver Kloesse, also known as liver dumplings, is a traditional German dish that has been enjoyed for centuries. This hearty and flavorful dish originated in Bavaria and quickly became a popular delicacy throughout Germany and other neighboring European countries. The recipe for Liver Kloesse has been passed down through generations, with each family adding its own twist to make it unique.

Liver Kloesse is made by combining the richness of liver, the subtle flavors of herbs and spices, and the satisfying texture of dumplings into one delicious meal. These dumplings are traditionally served in a savory broth or soup, allowing the flavors to meld together and create a comforting and soul-warming dish.

To start, you will need a small onion, minced, and one tablespoon of chicken fat. In a pan, heat the chicken fat and brown the minced onion until it becomes soft and fragrant. This will provide a rich base for the dumplings.

Next, add a small liver, chopped fine, to the pan. It is customary to use calf liver for this recipe, as it offers a delicate and mild flavor that pairs well with the other ingredients. Cook the liver until it is fully cooked through and no longer pink.

Once the liver is cooked, add chopped parsley to the pan. Parsley adds a refreshing and vibrant taste to the dumplings, balancing out the richness of the liver. Stir the ingredients together to evenly distribute the flavors.

Add two tablespoons of flour to the pan to bind the ingredients together. The flour will create a dough-like consistency and give structure to the dumplings. Season the mixture with nutmeg, red and white pepper to taste. Nutmeg provides a warm and earthy flavor, while the red and white pepper add a mild kick.

Crack two eggs into the mixture and stir well until all the ingredients are fully combined. The eggs act as a binding agent, holding the dumplings together and giving them a fluffy texture.

Now comes the fun part - shaping the dumplings. Take a teaspoonful of the mixture and shape it into a small ball with your hands. Repeat this process with the remaining mixture.

In a large pot, bring a pot of water or broth to a rolling boil. Gently drop the dumplings into the boiling liquid and let them cook for about ten minutes. The dumplings will float to the surface when they are cooked through and ready to be served.

Once the Liver Kloesse are cooked, carefully remove them from the pot using a slotted spoon and transfer them to a serving dish. You can serve them in a bowl of hot soup or enjoy them on their own as a main course. The dumplings will soak up the flavors of the broth and become even more flavorful and tender.

Liver Kloesse is a versatile dish that can be enjoyed in various ways. In addition to serving them in soup, you can also serve them with sauerkraut, potatoes, or a creamy gravy for a heartier meal. This dish is often enjoyed during colder months and is considered a comfort food that warms both the body and the soul.

In conclusion, Liver Kloesse is a traditional German dish that combines the richness of liver, the flavors of herbs and spices, and the comfort of dumplings. This dish has stood the test of time and continues to be a favorite among those who appreciate hearty and flavorful meals. So, give this recipe a try and savor the flavors of Germany in every bite.

Fun Fact: Liver Kloesse is often considered a complete meal on its own due to its nutritional value. Liver is a rich source of vitamin A, iron, and protein, making it a nutritious addition to any diet.

Similar dishes around the world include Jewish Kreplach, which are small dumplings filled with meat, and Italian Tortellini, which are typically filled with cheese or meat and served in broth or sauce. Both of these dishes share similarities with Liver Kloesse, showcasing the universal love for dumplings and hearty comfort food across different cultures.



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