Make a dough of a quart of flour and a pint of milk, or water, a
tablespoon of shortening, a pinch of salt, one egg and a spoon of sugar;
add a piece of compressed yeast, which has previously been dissolved in
water. Let the dough raise for three hours. In the meantime make a
compote of peaches by stewing them with sugar and spices, such as
cinnamon and cloves. Stew enough to answer for both sauce and filling.
When raised, flour the baking-board and roll out the dough half an inch
thick. Cut cakes out of it with a tumbler, brush the edges with white of
egg, put a teaspoon of peach compote in the centre of a cake and cover
it with another layer of cake and press the edges firmly together. Steam
over boiling water and serve with peach sauce. A delicious dessert may
also be made by letting the dough rise another half hour after being
rolled out, and before cutting.
Compote of huckleberries may be used with these dumplings instead of
peaches, if so desired.