Sole a la Normandie

Take a large sole (one without a roe). Remove the back skin and with
a sharp knife very carefully cut out the side fins, lay it on the dish
in which it is to be served, one that may be placed in the oven. Brush
the fish with melted butter. Insert in the flesh of the fish some
small slices of truffle. Sprinkle it with salt, white pepper, a very
little mace and dust it all over with fine crumbs. Pour around it a
tumbler of good white wine. Place in a moderate oven and cook until
nearly done, twenty minutes or longer, if the fish be large. Take it
out and put around the edge of the dish a row of croutons, brushing
them with the white of an egg to make them adhere to the dish. Then
scatter over and around the fish, a small can of mushrooms, sliced,
oysters, mussels, picked shrimps and some quenelles. Add a little more
melted butter and a few more crumbs, add more white wine and put back
in the oven for five minutes.