Sweetbreads with Mushrooms

Lay half a dozen sweetbreads in cold water for twelve hours, changing
the water several times. Then boil them five minutes, drop into cold
water, remove the skin and lard with fat bacon. Put them in a saucepan
with a pint of stock, two small onions and one carrot chopped, a
teaspoonful of minced parsley, salt, pepper, cayenne, and a little
mace. Stew until tender.
Serve with a mushroom sauce, made as follows: Take a small bottle
of mushrooms or one dozen fresh mushrooms sliced and boil them five
minutes in water and lime juice. Drain and place in a stew pan with
two ounces of butter, one ounce of flour and a pint of well seasoned
stock or gravy. Cook until the sauce is reduced one-half. Pour over
the hot sweetbreads.