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Recipes for CAKES category

To Bake Cakes
Time-table For Baking Cakes
Pound Cake, One Hour.
One Egg Cake
Little French Cakes
Cup Cake
Gold Cake
White Cake
Marble Cake
Lemon Cake
Orange Cake
Potato Cake
Pound Cake
Baking-powder Bunt Kuchen
Quick Coffee Cake
Baking-powder Cinnamon Cake
Covered Cheese Cake
Blitz Kuchen
Koenig Kuchen
Nut Cake
Loaf Cocoanut Cake
Fruit Cake (wedding Cake)
Apple Sauce Cake
Spice Cake
Apple Jelly Cake
Cream Layer Cake
Cocoanut Layer Cake
Bake In Layers.
Chocolate Layer Cake
Caramel Layer Cake
Huckleberry Cake
Cream Puffs
Chocolate Eclairs
Dobos Torte
Sponge Cake
Small Sponge Cakes
Lady Fingers
Jelly Roll
Angel Food
Sunshine Cake
Mocha Torts
Peach Shortcake
Bremen Apple Torte
Vienna Prater Cake
Sand Torte
Brod Torte
Rye Bread Torte
Zwieback Torte
Chocolate Brod Torte
Burnt Almond Torte
Chocolate Torte
Date Torte
German Hazelnut Torte
Linzer Torte
Russian Punch Torte
Walnut Torte, No. 1
Walnut Torte, No. 2
Chestnut Torte
Scripture Cake
Christmas Fruit Cake
Orange Frosting
Caramel Cake
Charlotte Russe Cake
Cornstarch Cake
Spongecake (splendid)
Sponge Cake
Sponge Cake
Sponge Cake
Easy Sponge Cake
Cacouna Cake
Delicious Angel's Food
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Cake
Maple Cream Cake
Cocoa Cake
Corn Cake
Crewe Cake
Christmas Cake
Cocoanut Cake (splendid)
Cream Cake
Railroad Cake
Mountain Cake
Mountain Cake
Marble Cake
Marble Cake
Macaroon Tart
Buckeye Cake
Harrison Cake
Orange Cake
Orange Cake
Lady Cake
Lemon Cake
Nut Cake
New Port Cake
Plain Cake
Sandwich Cake
Sandwich Cake
Spanish Bun
White Cake (delicious)
Cottage Cheese
Buckwheat Cakes
Johnny Cakes
Lafayette Gingerbread
Shrewsbury Cakes
Naples Biscuits
Sponge Cake
Sugar Biscuits
Derby Cake
Bride Cake
Sweet Macaroons
Beer Or Ale
Origin Of Mint Juleps
Windsor Rock Punch
Cake Making
Angel Cake
Berlinerkrands A Norwegian Cake
Blueberry Cake
Cinnamon Cake
Cream Puffs
Lady Cake
Honey Cake A Norwegian Recipe
Simple Fruit Cake
Bavarian Cake
Pound Cake
Sponge Cake No 1
Sponge Cake No 2
Corn Sponge Cake A Spanish Recipe
Spiced Gingerbread
Cream Gingerbread
Ginger Sponge Cake
Soft Gingerbread
Ginger Cakes
Ginger Snaps No 1
Ginger Snaps No 2
Hard Gingerbread
Brandy Snaps
Pepper Nuts No 1
Pepper Nuts No 2
Tea Cakes
Fig Cake
Ginger Layer Cake
Orange Cake
Pineapple Cake
Chocolate Layer Cake
Poor Man's Cake A Norwegian Recipe
Venison Cakes A Norwegian Recipe
Seed Cakes
Drop Cakes
Macaroons A Bavarian Recipe
Chocolate Macaroons A Bavarian Recipe
Soda Cakes
Walnut Wafers
Jode Cakes A Norwegian Recipe
Whipped Cream
Pound Cake
Plain Pound Cake
Savoy Sponge Cake
Lemon Savoy Sponge
Cocoa-nut Cakes
Chocolate Cakes
Sugar Icing