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Quinces To Preserve Whole

(Confectionary.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Pare the quinces very thin, put them into a well-tinned saucepan; fill

it with hard water, lay the parings over the fruit, and keep them down;

cover close that the steam may not escape, and set them over a slow fire

to stew till tender and of a fine red colour. Take them carefully out,

and weigh them to two pounds of quinces. Take two pounds and a half of

double-refined sugar; put it into a preserving-pan, with one quart of

water. Set it over a clear charcoal fire to boil; skim it clean, and,

when it looks clear, put in the quinces. Boil them twelve minutes; take

them off, and set them by for four hours to cool. Set them on the fire

again, and let them boil three minutes; take them off, and let them

stand two days; then boil them again ten minutes with the juice of two

lemons, and set them by till cold. Put them into jars; pour on the

syrup, cover them with brandy paper, tie them close with leather or

bladder, and set them in a dry cool place.

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