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(Vegetables) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

French artichokes have a large scaly head, like the cone of a pine tree.
The flower buds are used before they open.
The edible portion consists of the thickened portion at the base of the
scales and the receptacle to which the leaf-like scales are attached.
When the artichoke is very young and tender the edible parts may be
eaten raw as a salad. When it becomes hard, as it does very quickly, it
must be cooked. When boiled it may be eaten as a salad or with a sauce.
The scales are pulled with the fingers from the cooked head, the base of
each leaf dipped in a sauce and then eaten.
The bottoms (receptacles), which many consider the most delicate part of
the artichoke, may be cut up and served as a salad, or they may be
stewed and served with a sauce. To prepare the artichoke remove all the
hard outer leaves. Cut off the stem close to the leaves. Cut off the top
of the bud. Drop the artichokes into boiling water and cook until
tender, which will take from thirty to fifty minutes, then take up and
remove the choke. Serve a dish of French salad dressing with the
artichokes, which may be eaten either hot or cold. Melted butter also
makes a delicious sauce for the artichokes if they are eaten hot.

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