Three quarts of sweet corn cut from the cob, 1 cup of sugar 3/4 cup of
salt and 1 pint of cold water. Place these ingredients together in a
large bowl; do this early in the morning and allow to stand until noon
of the same day; then place all together in a preserving kettle on the
range and cook twenty minutes. Fill glass jars which have been
sterilized. The work of filling should be done as expeditiously as
possible; be particular to have jar-tops screwed on
ightly. When jars
have become cool give tops another turn, to be positive they are
air-tight before putting away for the Winter. When preparing this
canned corn for the table, drain all liquid from the corn when taken
from the can, pour cold water over and allow to stand a short time on
the range until luke-warm. Drain and if not _too_ salt, add a small
quantity of fresh water, cook a few minutes, season with butter, add a
couple tablespoonfuls of sweet milk; serve when hot. This canned corn
possesses the flavor of corn freshly cut from the cob. Sarah Landis
had used this recipe for years and 'twas seldom she lost a can.