One quart of rich, sweet milk, 2 tablespoons of corn starch, 4 eggs, 1
cup of sugar, small tablespoon of vanilla. Cook the milk in a double
boiler, moisten corn starch with a little milk. Stir it into the hot
milk until it begins to thicken. Beat sugar and eggs together until
creamy, add to the hot milk, cook a minute, remove from fire, add the
vanilla, and when cool freeze. Crush the ice into small pieces, for
the finer the ice the quicker the custard will fr
eze, then mix the
ice with a fourth of the quantity of coarse rock salt, about 10 pounds
ice and 2 pounds salt will be required to pack sides and cover top of
a four-quart freezer. Place can in tub, mix and fill in ice and salt
around the can, turn the crank very slowly until the mixture is
thoroughly chilled. Keep hole in top of tub open. When mixture is
cold, turn steadily until it turns rather hard. When custard is
frozen, take out inside paddle, close the freezer, run off the salt
water, repack and allow to stand several hours. At the end of that
time it is ready to serve.