1 lb. Of Beefsteak--2d.

Bread and Butter--1d.

2 Cloves

1 Onion

Stalk of Celery--1/2d.

1/2 pint Gravy

1 oz. Butter

1/2 oz. Flour


Total Cost--41/2 d.

Time--Two Hours

Take a thick steak and split it open, cut it into strips five inches
wide by three long. Cut some very thin bread and butter the same size
seasoned with pepper and salt, lay it on the steak and roll it up,
thread on a skewer and dust with flour. Put the butter into a frying-pan,
and when it is hot put in the rolls and fry them quickly; take out
and lay in a saucepan, cut up the onion and fry in the same butter as
the rolls were fried in. Shake in a teaspoonful of flour and pour in
the gravy; stir until it boils, then pour over the rolls. Put in the
celery and cloves, and simmer very gently for two hours; take up the
rolls on a hot dish and slip off the skewers, boil up and flavour the
gravy. Remove the fat and pour round the meat. Veal or mutton is also
very good prepared in this way.