Take brisket of beef weighing about two or three pounds. Set it on to
boil in two quarts of water, a little salt and the usual soup greens.
When the meat is tender take it out, salt it well and put on to boil
again in a porcelain-lined kettle, having previously removed all the
bones. Add about a cup of the soup stock and as much sauerkraut as you
desire. Boil about one hour; tie one tablespoon of caraway seed in a bag
and boil in with the kraut. Thicken with two raw potatoes, grated, and
add one tablespoon of brown sugar just before serving. If not sour
enough add a dash of vinegar. This gives you meat, vegetables and soup.
Mashed potatoes, kartoffelkloesse or any kind of flour dumpling is a
nice accompaniment. Sauerkraut is just as good warmed over as fresh,
which may be done two or three times in succession without injury to its