Coniglio In Salsa Piccante Rabbit Recipe

Ingredients: Rabbit, butter, flour, celery, parsley, onion, carrot,

mushrooms, cloves, spices, Burgundy, stock, capers, anchovies.

Cut up a rabbit, wipe the pieces well on a dishcloth, flour them over

and put them into a frying-pan with two ounces of butter and fry for

about ten minutes. Then add half a stick of celery, parsley, an onion,

half a carrot, and three mushrooms, all cut up, three cloves, a pinch

of spice and salt, a glass of Burgundy, and the same quantity of stock;

cover the stewpan and cook for half an hour, then put the pieces of

rabbit into another stewpan and pass the liquor through a sieve; press

it well with a wooden spoon, so as to get as much through as possible,

pour this over the rabbit and add four capers and an anchovy in brine

pounded in a mortar, mix all well together, let it simmer for a few

minutes, then serve hot with a garnish of croutons fried in butter.



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