Take two pounds of cold, boiled beets, slice, place in crock in layers,
sprinkle with one teaspoon of salt, one-eighth teaspoon of pepper, one
teaspoon of brown sugar, one teaspoon of caraway seed, if you like, and
cover with one pint of vinegar.
Cold, hard-boiled eggs may be placed in the vinegar, and sliced over the
beets for decorations. The eggs will be red.
Select a medium-size, very hard head of red cabbage. Re
ove the outer
leaves and cut the stalk off close to the head. Then cut the cabbage in
quarters and take out the heart close to the leaves.
With a very sharp, thin-bladed knife cut the cabbage in shreds as fine
as possible.
After the cabbage is all finely cut let cold water run over it through a
colander; put the cabbage in a big kitchen bowl or a stone-crock in
layers about two inches thick.
Over each layer place two or three thin slices of red onions, and
sprinkle about four generous tablespoons of salt. Repeat this process
till all the sliced cabbage is in the jar or bowl. Let the last layer be
one of salt.
Pour a pint of cold water over this. Cover it with a plate that fits
closely and lay a weight of some sort on the plate and stand the bowl in
a cool place overnight.
In the morning pour the cabbage, brine and all, in a large colander to
drain; let the cold water from the tap run over it for about five
minutes; then return the cabbage to the receptacle in which it was
A stone-crock is really the best, as the cabbage will keep in it all
winter. In a kettle or saucepan over the fire add a pint of good cider
vinegar, a gill of tarragon vinegar, a half pint of cold water, a half
pound of granulated sugar, four bay leaves, a level tablespoon of
allspice, a teaspoon of peppercorns and three ounces of stick cinnamon
broken in half-inch pieces.
Let this all boil one minute and while boiling hot pour it over the
cabbage in the jar; place the plate which should be of porcelain, over
it; then put the cover of the jar on and let this stand for twenty-four
hours. Then pour off the vinegar, heat it again till it just boils, pour
it over the cabbage, cover it and put it in a cool place. It will keep
in perfect condition all winter, and is one of the most delicious
relishes known.