To Broil Steak By Gas Recipe

History of Broiling Steak by Gas:

Broiling is one of the oldest methods of cooking meat and has been practiced for centuries. It originated as a way to cook meat directly over an open fire, ensuring a quick and flavorful result. Over time, broiling has evolved and adapted to different cooking technologies, including gas ovens.

The advent of gas ovens revolutionized the way home cooks approached broiling. Gas ovens provide a consistent and controllable heat source, making it easier to achieve the desired level of doneness and impart a delicious flavor to the steak.

Over the years, various techniques have been used to broil steak by gas, each with its own unique twists and flavors. Today, we will explore a classic recipe for broiling steak by gas, along with some fun facts and tips along the way.

Fun Facts about Broiling Steak by Gas:

1. Broiling is often referred to as "grilling upside down" because the heat source comes from above instead of below, as in traditional grilling.

2. The high heat of broiling helps to seal in the steak's natural juices, resulting in a juicy and flavorful finished dish.

3. Gas ovens allow for precise temperature control, ensuring even cooking and eliminating the risk of overcooking or undercooking the steak.

4. Broiling steak by gas is a quick cooking method, perfect for busy weeknights or impromptu gatherings.

Now, let's dive into the recipe for broiling steak by gas.

Recipe for Broiling Steak by Gas:

- 2 steak cuts of your choice (such as ribeye, sirloin, or filet mignon)
- Salt and pepper to taste
- 1 tablespoon melted chicken fat

1. Preheat the gas oven: Ensure your gas oven is preheated to a high temperature for at least five to seven minutes. This will allow the broiler to get hot enough to sear the steak properly.

2. Prepare the steak: Wipe the steak with a damp cloth to remove any excess moisture. Trim off any surplus fat for a leaner result.

3. Position the steak: Place the steak on a greased rack, positioning it as close to the flame as possible. The rack's exact position will vary depending on the thickness of the steak. The goal here is to sear each side of the steak to retain its juicy flavors.

4. Sear the steak: Allow the steak to sear on each side. This step will help lock in the juices and create a flavorful crust. The time needed to sear will depend on the thickness of the steak and personal preference for doneness.

5. Adjust the rack position: Lower the rack slightly to allow the steak to continue cooking to the desired degree of doneness. This step is crucial for even cooking and ensuring the steak is cooked to perfection.

6. Season and glaze: Just before removing the steak from the oven, sprinkle it with salt and pepper to taste. Then, brush the melted chicken fat over the top surface of the steak, adding an extra layer of flavor.

7. Rest and serve: Once the steak reaches the desired level of doneness, remove it from the oven and let it rest for a few minutes. This resting period allows the juices to redistribute throughout the meat, resulting in a tender and juicy steak. Serve the broiled steak hot and enjoy!

Other dishes suitable for broiling:

1. Broiled Chops: Similar to broiling steak, you can use the same technique to prepare delicious and juicy pork chops. Adjust the cooking time based on the thickness of the chops and your personal preference for doneness.

2. Broiled Fish: The broiling method is also suitable for cooking fish, providing a quick and flavorful option. Choose firm fish fillets or steaks, season them with your favorite spices, and follow the same steps as broiling steak. Adjust the cooking time based on the thickness of the fish.

Remember, broiling is a versatile cooking method that can be applied to various cuts of meat and fish. Experiment with different seasonings, marinades, and sauces to customize your broiled dishes to your liking. Enjoy the delicious flavors and juiciness that broiling by gas offers!



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