To serve a family of six or seven, place 2 pounds of beef and 4 pork
chops, cut in small pieces, in a cook-pot. Season with a little
chopped onion, pepper and salt. This should be done about three or
four hours before dinner. One hour before serving prepare the dough
for pot pie. Pare white potatoes, slice and dry on a napkin, sift 2
cups of flour with 1 teaspoonful of baking-powder, pinch of salt, cut
through the sifted flour, 1 level tablespoonful of shorten
ng. Moisten
dough with 1 egg and enough milk to make dough stiff enough to handle.
(Almost 1 cup of milk, including the egg.) Cut off a small piece of
dough, size of a small teacup, roll thin and take up plenty of flour
on both sides. Take up all flour possible. Cut this dough into four
portions or squares. Have the meat more than covered with water, as
water cooks away.
Place a layer of potatoes on meat (well seasoned), then the pared
potatoes and small pieces of dough alternately, never allowing pieces
of dough to lap; place potatoes between. Roll the last layer out in
one piece, size of a pie plate, and cover top layer of potatoes with
it. Cover closely and cook three-quarters of an hour from the time it
commences to boil. Then turn out carefully on a platter and serve at