Two cups of molasses (New Orleans), 1 cup of light brown sugar, 1 egg,
1 tablespoonful of soda, 2 tablespoonfuls of vinegar, 1 tablespoonful
of ginger and about 5-1/2 cups of flour.
Place molasses and sugar in a sauce-pan on the range, cook together
until sugar is dissolved, no longer.
Mix the soda and vinegar and when foamy add to the sugar and molasses
with a portion of the required amount of flour; then add the egg and
the flour remaining. Turn dough out on a well-floured bake-beard, roll
out into a thin sheet and cut out small cakes with a tin cutter. Bake
in a moderately hot oven.
No shortening of any kind was used in these cakes. One hundred cakes
were baked from the above ingredients.