Place in a bowl 2 cups grated, pared, _raw_ potatoes; drain off any
liquid formed, then add 1 small onion, also grated; large egg or 2
small eggs, salt and pepper, 1 tablespoonful chopped parsley, 1/4
teaspoonful baking powder (good measure), and a couple tablespoonfuls
of flour to thicken just enough to make the fritters hold together;
then drop by spoonfuls in deep, hot fat, and fry a rich brown. The
fritters form into odd shapes a trifle larger than a fried
when dropped in the fat.
Should the fritter batter separate when dropped in the fat, add more
flour, but if too much flour is added they are not as good as when a
lesser quantity is used. Drain the fritters on brown paper and garnish
the platter upon which they are served with parsley. Mary's Uncle was
very fond of these fritters. He preferred them to fried oysters, and
always called them "potato boofers." I would not answer for the
wholesomeness of these fritters. In fact, I do not think any fried
food particularly wholesome.