Aunt Sarah sometimes filled the bottom crusts of two small pies
(either cheese pie or plain custard) with a layer of fresh cherries
and poured the custard over the top of the cherries and baked same as
a plain custard pie.
Aunt Sarah might be called extravagant by some, but she always made
egg desserts when eggs were cheap and plentiful, in the Spring. In
Winter she baked pies and puddings in which a fewer number of eggs
were used and substituted canned and dried fruits for fresh ones. In
summer she used fresh fruit when in season, ice cream and sherbets.
She never indulged in high-priced, unseasonable fruits--thought it an
extravagance for one to do so, and taught Mary "a wise expenditure in
time means wealth."
For banana custard pie she substituted sliced banana for cherries on
top of pie.