Boil a good-sized soup bone for several hours in plenty of water, to
which add salt and pepper to taste and several small pieces of celery
and sprigs of parsley to flavor stock. Strain the broth or stock into
a good-sized cook pot and set on stove to keep hot.
For the liver dumplings, scrape a half pound of raw beef liver with a
knife, until fine and free from all veins, etc. Place the scraped
liver in a large bowl, cut three or four good-sized onions into dic
fry a light brown, in a pan containing 1 tablespoonful of lard and
butter mixed. Cut into dice 3/4 to a whole loaf of bread (about 2
quarts). Beat 2 eggs together, add 1 cup of sweet milk, season well
with salt and pepper, and mix all together with 1 large cup of flour.
If not moist enough to form into balls when mixed together, add more
milk. Keep the mixture as soft as possible or the dumplings will be
heavy. Flour the hands when shaping the balls, which should be the
size of a shelled walnut. Stand the pot containing stock on the front
of the stove, where it will boil, and when boiling, drop in the
dumplings and boil, uncovered, for 15 minutes. When cooked, take the
dumplings carefully from the stock on to a large platter, pour the
stock over the dumplings and serve.
These are excellent, but a little troublesome to make. One-half this
quantity would serve a small family for lunch.