Two pounds of sugar, 8 large eggs, 3/4 pound of almonds (shelled), 1/4
pound of citron, 1/4 of a pound each of candied orange and lemon peel,
the grated yellow rind of one lemon, 4 teaspoonfuls of cinnamon, 1
teaspoonful allspice, about 2 pounds flour. Separate the eggs. Cream
the yolks of eggs and sugar well together. Then add the almonds (which
have been blanched by pouring boiling water over them, when the skins
may be readily removed), the citron and lemon peel chopped fine. Then
add 1 level teaspoonful of different spices. Then add the stiffly
beaten whites of eggs, alternately, with the sifted flour. The recipe
called for two pounds of flour, but "Frau" Schmidt said; "She was
never able to use the whole amount, so she added just enough flour to
prevent the mixture spreading when dropped on the baking sheet by